In Loving Memeory Of My
Grandma Mildred O'Toole &
Grandpa Edward O'Toole
Dad & Me
Mom & Me
Me & My Beautiful Daughters
Me & My Grand Baby
I was born in sunny southern California. I moved to Maryland after
graduation and remained there for 30 years. Currently, I have returned

I worked as a Supply/Services Clerk, Technician for Army Lodging for
over 17 years. I now work as a distribution assistant, while continuing
my education in the arts.

My father was in the Air Force and served as a navigational aid
spending a lot of time in remote locations. He worked in many different
places and has traveled all over the world as an electronics engineer,
a technical writer and a teacher. He has taught at several Universities.
Photography, video and writing is his passion.

My mother began her career as a IBM key puncher and later worked as
a marketing training specialist. Customer training with the marketing
department and trade show marketing.

We traveled a lot while I was growing up. Spending lots of time in the
Mojave Desert and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I loved camping,
fishing, hiking, and sitting by the campfire. Listening to my father play
his harmonica and guitar will forever have a place in my heart. All the
stars twinkling in the sky. Crisp California nights. The coyotes howling;
and the smell of sage on a warm desert breeze.

My grandmother Mildred O'Toole is my soul inspiration in life. She was
also an Artist. When I was 8 years old she said to me, if you have a
talent, a gift, you must use it. Because if you do not you will regret it the
rest of your life. I hear those words every day of my life and they
encourage me to never give up. She was such a beautiful person. Soft
spoken, warm-hearted, talented, and very giving. I love her dearly and
will never forget her.

I believe that life is short. Every minute spent is a precious moment in
time that we must utilize to the fullest. Follow your dreams. Make your
passion in life happen. Everyone has a gift, a special talent of some
kind. It's who we really are.
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Me & My Boyfriend.- Always on
the look out for wildlife.
All photographs taken of Sandy O'Toole photographing wildlife © Tim Silveria
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