Travelers from all over the
world are drawn to the
pristine magnitude of
Arizona's landscape. From
it's highest peak to the
lowest canyon floor. The
historical nature centered
around its creation lures
tourist from all walks of life.
Red rock monuments tower
high above the valleys;
seemingly reaching out to
the heavens. While great
crevices; such as the Grand
Canyon awe spectators with
a sublime show of slithering
colors that rapidly change.
Juniper, ponderosa pine,
velvet mesquite, sage,
alpine, sycamore, walnut,
acacia, cliff rose, brittle
brush, desert broom, and the
creosote bush sprout from
desert sands,rocky plateaus,
mountain tops, valleys, lake
sides,and canyon floors.
Arizona is a destination for
all longing to find peace and
serenity within a naturally
spiritual setting.
Arizona is a place of
mystery. Rigid landscape
carved by an aging sea.
Secrets are buried below
the sand. Relics of the
native man.
The desert is still,yet it
With windy gusts and
waves of heat.
Under the moon the
creatures lurk, seeking the
prey that roams the earth.
This is a place all should
Here one feels wild and
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