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    Survival Tips for all you Outdoor Enthusiasts (Safety in the

    Your Field Vehicle Should Include The Following Items:
    Jumper cables, tire jack & spare tire, tool kit, tire chains,
    shovel, signal flares, blankets or sleeping bags, food-high
    energy candy bars, trail mix, water, first aid kit, matches,
    candles, extra gasoline & oil, windshield & gas line antifreeze.

    A Good Survival Kit Should Include The Following Items:
    Knife (preferably multi-purpose with other attachments such as:
    saw blade, tweezer, scissors, screwdriver, awl, file,
    toothpick, can opener, magnifying glass), map, compass or  hand-
    held GPS, cellular telephone, fire starters, flashlight, first
    aid kit.

    You can find maps using the U.S. Geological Survey (U.S.G.S)

It's always a good idea to be prepared when venturing out into the wilderness. Accidents can happen.
Safety is the best practice. Survival preparations have saved many lives.
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