The wild horses of
    Assateague Island roam
    the beaches, pine
    forest, and salt
    marshes. They are well
    adapted to their natural
    surroundings feeding on
    the dune grasses,
    rosehips, bayberry
    twigs, and persimmons.
    Peaceful creatures
    living in harmony.
    People don't seem to
    bother the majority of
    them. However, I have
    come across a few that
    were extremely shy and
    tend to stay hidden
    within the marsh.
    Visiting the island has
    become a passion for me.
    Seeing the wild horses
    live the way they do is
    an incredible
    experience. Passionate
    are those who set and
    ponder upon the beauty
    of this isle.
Scenic Corner Copyright @ 2006 "All Rights Reserved"
The wild horses of Assateague Island, Maryland will forever have a place in my heart.
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