Wild Horses of Assateague Island, Maryland.

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About Me

My Background


I've always been drawn to nature.  Wilderness adventures influences my imagination and creativity. I love researching, and discovering wild animals in their natural habitat. Studying their behavior, has enabled me to capture some of their amazing characteristics. In the picture above, I am photographing tiny prairie dogs at the Virginia Lakes, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. They were such cute little critters, with unique personalities.  

My Adventures


My search for wildlife to photograph has taken me across some beautiful country. There is nothing like the freedom felt, while traveling down a road, in the middle of nowhere, where nature seemingly speaks to you. The spectacular views are breath taking. My truck has taken me down many dirt roads. Above is a picture of the Carrizo Plain National Monument, during the peak of the wildflower, super bloom, here in California. 

My Inspiration

"Wild Elegance"  Wild geese find refuge along the beautiful wetland marshes of the Chesapeake Bay. T

I enjoy camping, hiking, photographing, and traveling backcountry roads. Many of my pieces are directly influenced by my wilderness explorations. I love recreating nature and wildlife in my work. 

My grandmother, once told me, when I was young, that if you have a talent you need to pursue it. If you do not, you will regret that choice the rest of your life. Those words are my soul inspiration.